Film Free All purpose Cleaner:
A modern combination of synthetic detergents for
multipurpose cleaning of any surface not harmed by
water. Safely and throughly performs all cleaning
applications including removal of heavy grease and
Works equally well in hard or soft, hot or cold water.
Leaves surface sparkling clean with no residual film.

Water & Oil Stain Repellent:
Ready-to-use water based penetrating sealer for use
on porus mineral surfaces.
It provides a transparent subsurface barrier to give
water and oil repellent.
It makes the surface stain resistant, allowing easy
clean up of most spills.
This sealer provides durable protecting  without
leaving a visible film, allowing the natural beauty of
the stone to show.

Top Shine:  
A floor finish that provides diamond like clarity  and
brilliant gloss, along with extended wear properties
never before available in one product.
Will respond beautifully to conventional high or
ultra-high speed floor equipment after weeks of wear
and traffic when used with spray buff or mop-on
Saves enormous amounts of time and labor by
requiring less maintenance.
Maintenance & Contractor, Inc.
New Kit for tile

Glass Cleaner:   
A blend of surfactant's, sequestering agents and
solvent alcohol.
Formulated to quickly penetrate dust, grease, soil and
smoke on all windows and other glass surfaces.

Optically Enhanced Floor Cleaner:
A totally synthetic floor cleaner designed for use in
modern floor maintenance program.
It;s slightly acidic pH will not damage the gloss or film
of any finish.
Contains optical brighteners to enhance the beauty of
floor when dry.

Carpet Extraction Cleaner:
A specially formulated high performance extraction
cleaner incorporating Soil Guard 2000,
soil and stain protector to deliver extraction cleaner
that cleans carpet fiber more thoroughly than any
product on the market today.

All Purpose Cleaner:
A ready to use cleaner and degreaser formulated to
remove grease, oil, carbon, or any other industrial soil
form concrete, machinery, engines, floors, walls, etc.
Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable.
Can be used on all surfaces not harmed by water

Super strip:  
A new generation floor finish stripper that rapidly
penetrates and solubilizes floor finish.

Restroom Cleaner:
An all purpose hard surface cleaner containing no
acids or abrasives.
Designed to dissolve soap scum and hard water films
as well as scum, scale and other organic residues.  
Non-fuming, non acid, non toxic.

Odors Away:
A specially formulated concentrate of broad spectrum
highly concentrated odor neutralizes that erase odors
caused by smoke, animal,cooking, sickness, paint, etc.
Designed to correct pollution odors caused by
bacterial or chemical decomposition in any given area

Grout restorer stain Remover:
Powerful, non-fuming acid Grout Restorer-Stain
Remover that makes ceramic tile & grout look like new.
Remove hard-water scale, soap scum,
grout haze and